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Pastor Charles Poole speaks on the legacy of his late uncle The Honorable Elijah Muhammad


Radio Interview!  

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Rev. Charles Poole is the Pastor of Bethesda Baptist Church and the nephew of the Late Elijah Muhammad of the Nation of Islam. On radio he spoke about the legacy of his uncle. When we asked Pastor Poole what would his uncle say about Black America, he responded with the statement “He will say that we have lost our direction”. Pastor Poole also shares his memories of meeting Malcolm X and marching with his good friend Dr. Martin Luther King.

Find out more about one of the most all time  influential African Americans Elijah Muhammad at noi.org

Following the interview with Pastor Poole, Michael Muhammad the founder of Waterloo, Iowa Urban FM radio statio KBOL 100.1 spoke on the impact Elijah Muhammad had on his life.

Radio Interview with Pastor Poole 100712 (Nephew of Elijah Muhammad)


Paul Allen Billings aka P.A.