Judge Candidate: Raymond Kostrzewa says he has the experience that matter…Experience that counts!

Rosie Ladew and Mickey Wallace interview Judge Candidate Randy Kostrzewa on radio.

Raymond Kostrzewa Interview WRadio Interview!  

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ith Mickey & Rosie

Here is a little info about Randy Kostrzewa.

  • 19 Years as anĀ Assistant Prosecutor
  • Tried over 80 Felony Jury Trials
  • 95% conviction rate
  • Tried and convicted murderers, armed robbers, rapists, child molesters and major drug dealers
  • Won every HOME INVASION case he took to trial
  • Won every ARMED ROBBERY case he took to trial
  • Won every MAJOR DRUG TRAFFICKING case he took to trial
  • Over 90% conviction rate on CRIMINAL SEXUAL CONDUCT cases he took to trial