Fatal Traffic Accident on McGraft Park Rd

At 4:02pm on September 28th, 2013, Officers of the Muskegon Police Department were dispatched to the intersection of McGraft Park Rd and Glen Ave, on a report of an automobile versus motorcycle More »

Charity Elks Lodge – Club Emergency Suspension by Liquor Control Commission

PRESS RELEASE On Tuesday September 24th, 2013 a meeting was held with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission in Lansing, Michigan. LCC Commissioners considered the matter of license status for the Charity Lodge More »

Hollywood Report with Rosie Ladew: 9/25/2013

Headlines: Gucci Mane Apologizes, Trina Hospitalized, Kanye West Claims Self Defense, 50 Cent Loses Recovery Bid, Tyga Accused By 4th Woman, Diddy The Hip Hop Cash King More »

Police needs your help in regards to this weekend violence

The Prosecutor’s office release these photos to the media today. They are looking for owner of this vehicle. If you have any information call 231-72-CRIME Paul Allen Billings aka P.A.Tweet More »

Third fatal victim from last night shooting

​ ​Detectives are continuing to investigate a multiple homicide which occurred shortly after 2:00am today in the City of Muskegon. ​Officers were dispatched to the Elk’s Charity Lodge, 149 Ottawa St., on More »

Multiple Homicide plus Five others shot outside Muskegon Night Club

​Detectives are investigating a multiple homicide which occurred shortly after 2:00am today in the City of Muskegon. ​Officers were dispatched to the Elk’s Charity Lodge, 149 Ottawa St., on a report of More »

Dr. Randy Short calls Depo Provera a dangerous drug that is contributing to the decline health of Black Women


Dr. Randy Short

Human Rights Defender & Social Justice Minister

Washington, DC



Radio Interview with Dr. Randy Short


Dr. Randy Short makes the case that the push for Black Woman to use the drug “Depo Provera” is part of an eugenics agenda.

In this interview Dr. Randy Short discusses the illnesses that Depo Provera cause. He states that The drugs is banned in most European Union countries & Israel.

Dr. Short stated that The “Depo-Provera Shot” can cause blood clogs, heart attacks, excessive bleeding,  Ectopic pregnancy, major mental health problems, suicide thoughts, depression, mood alterations, excessive weights gain & many more illness including a weaken immune system.

Dr. Randy Short said whereever you have Depo-Provera used, you usely find high rates of HIV.

Dr. Short stated that 80% of this drug is used on African American woman.

Dear Defenders of  Humankind:
“Please read and share these two documents with others. Some powerful and vested forces aim to hurt African, Black, Brown, and Muslim women. Please contact me if you would like to help stop Pfizer’s  Depo Provera contraceptive violence against women. I welcome a chance to speak to any audience to educate them. I am seeking women willing to help tweet and get the word out. We need attorneys to sue Pfizer and any guilty parties that would visit this atrocity on our women. I welcome your ideas and opportunities to defend vulnerable women from big companies that exploit and do harm to them.”

DEPO-PROVERA DEADLY REPRODUCTIVE VIOLENCE Rebecca Project for Human Rights June 2013-2


Min. Dr. Randy Short, M.Div. President & National 
Anti-Depo Provera Clergy Coalition






Paul Allen Billings aka P.A.